Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ooty road trip experience - I

There is nothing much to see in Ooty in particular as it is heavily crowded,even in monsoons..Though we were frequent visitors to this place when we were at Coimbatore,this time we observed a considerable change in this Nilgiri heaven,it has completely lost its charm and looked like any other ordinary commercial town..Most of the budget hotels were already occupied,so we struggled a bit to find proper accommodation for our night stay..However if you forget about popular viisting sites in Ooty,then you'll certainly find a lot many beautiful,picturesque places around this grand hill station..In the early hours,we started in our car from Sulthan Bathery,Wayanad in Masinagudi route while going uphill,and we came back in Gudalur route..We are lucky enough to see the Western ghats in its ever more beautiful form in monsoons..The lush greenery of vast landscapes and mountains in rainy season left us completely breathless..The drive was absolute bliss.

Here are few glimpses about our road trip..As there are a lot bunch of pics,I decided to divide the pics in several posts..

Monday, July 17, 2017

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta - Chamarajanagar,Karnataka-2

If you ever wished to touch the clouds,yes this is the place.. :) Though we visited this temple in January'2017,the scenic beauty around Gopalaswamy hills evoked in us a special interest to visit this place again,especially in monsoons..The Lord Krishna temple popularly known as Himavad Gopalaswamy is situated around 230 kms from Bangalore..It is even more nearer to our place,only 65 kms from Sulthan Bathery..The private vehicles are only allowed up to the base of the hill as it is tiger reserve zone...From there they would take you to the hill from Govt' buses of Karnataka and it will take nearly half an hour to reach the hill top..There are vigorous climatic changes as one reaches the top of the hill to visit the temple..Prasadam is offered in the temple in the form of midday meal for the Pilgrims..The grass landscapes,occasional showers and cool breezes enhances the picturesque beauty of the hills.

*Don't forget to carry woolens,raincoats or umbrellas if you are planning to visit this place in monsoon season.
Moral from yesterday's road trip :
One should not stand in between the clouds when they're busy carrying water with the help of vigorous winds..They are NOT intruder friendly,they'll freeze you to death :P
Here we go with the pics..

Food arrangements for pilgrims...

 When the clouds clear the sky a little bit..

You can see people waiting to catch the return bus in the below pic..It's neither mist nor rain,those are clouds..

 I hope you spotted a little red bus in the below pic..

Monday, July 10, 2017


For her,the world through a camera lens is more colourful..
And the rules of life in the pages of books are more orderly..
The music of a bird song is more melodious than the noise of world..
She never met the world as it is..
For her eyelids are always heavy with yesternight dreams..
She says the world outside is too bright for her eyes to bear..
Now I heard her asking the darkness,"let's be friends" ??..

#Twintalk #darkness

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Way

Perhaps your happiness is among crowds..
Mind you,mine in solitude...

You search your identity in others..
I 'own' my identity..

Perhaps you rejoice in those artificial 'plastic smiles'..
Me,comfortable in presence of mere silence..

Your sight stops at the surface of creepy flesh..
Mine goes searching the soul deep inside..

You blame me as anti-social..
I think you are a party freak...mere social butterfly..

I respect your comfort in socializing..
You learn to appreciate my solitude...

Don't judge my way..
Otherwise I'm compelled to judge your's..

Monday, March 13, 2017

Coffee Flowers - Wayanad,Kerala

It is indeed a spectacular experience to see Coffee flowers blossoming in Wayanad..The whole place is filled with mild fragrances of these white flowers...

And here is everything you want to know about Coffee flowers..

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wayanad Diaries - A stroll down memory lane : I

These are few random paths we travelled and few pictures taken in various times in Wayanad...Not going to add any more descriptions cause the pictures themselves tell you a lot many tales....Have a look... :)